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Why Watchfire?

Why Watchfire?

Jun 30th 2016

For us, we choose Watchfire Signs for several reasons, mostly because the products are manufactured in Danville, Illinois using meticulously sourced components from all around the world. Watchfire tests their signs before shipment.

Their great customer service can't be beat. You can call 6 days a week for customer and technical support and are usually able to order parts and have them shipped same day with 2 day shipping.  Watchfire guarantees to support their products for at least 10 years from the date the last model shipped.  

The Ignite Graphics Software.  With over 1,000  pre-loaded stills and animations, you can update your sign very quick and easy.  Also, when partnered with an intuitive desktop program, you can use the App on your phone, with internet connection, to update playlists, publish content, schedule media and run sign diagnostics, all of which will sync with your desktop.

Warranty.  Watchfire warranties their parts for 5 years on the LED signs and 3 years on the Price Changer Signs.

Watchfire Demo Truck. Actually see what the sign will look like outside of your location to really get a sense of the sign.